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PALADIN episode 5 part 2 PALADIN episode 5 part 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good, Good!.. here is my thought...

What I really think maybe does not matter to you, but I must say you should add some subtitles, I watched this movie with my younger brother and he is not as good at english as I am.. and he needs some sub:)

Anyway the story and the tale has been great.. too bad it's over.. since a guy before me said: you rushed the end.. well I think you did and you did not.. the movie needed an end or else it would be to much to watch.. I know how hard it is to make a flash movie fight and it takes a loooong time if its FBF.. but hey, this is the end right? not the beginning.. so think about what he said and you should make a Special Edition maybe?.. would be cool.. maybe how it could end instead..

I got two points: either I wanted more story about just the sword so I could figure why his hand burned when he took the sword.. or just something more..

or else...

I think the easy "chop-off" method worked out very well!.. It was nice, easy and artistic! Like a LOTR movie in about 30 seconds:D

Keep up the good work, you are good at it!

Mrs. Butcher Mrs. Butcher

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice nice

that was very fun:D

and how the f-word do you get your characters so alive?!
its really really good!
keep it up

swedish tutorial 001 swedish tutorial 001

Rated 0 / 5 stars

så kass!

fan va den sög!
du e sämst vet du det??

haha kan inte ens höger och vänster:P

ååh ja du e dålig.. om du ska göra en tutorial så gör nått som överträffar GAMECUBICLE, eller någon annan duktigt!

du e inte det!

ZombieToaster responds:

ok så man gjorde ett fel, ingen e perfekt.

Ever After Music Video Ever After Music Video

Rated 4 / 5 stars


what a nice love story:D

it made me feel happy! i totaly liked it!

make much more:D:D

The 'Theif' The 'Theif'

Rated 3 / 5 stars


..could be better tho'

you need to make that explosion in the forest with that duck, way bettter, try using a tutorial maybe here on NG to lern the best way, or try using motion and shape tweening also some FBF to do a good explosion.

this looked too much "Snake" to me.. but good anyway... i also got a feeling that you have seen krinkels work with the madness concept?

and sound, i was sitting waitng for some good sound, for the explosion, and the punching and kicking!! (i know you hade a song flowing, but some good sound would give this a better score!!)

try to improve, maybe re-submit a special edition=)

anyway this was good, I vote 3! I liked it=) keep it up dude!

Objectionable Apparatus Objectionable Apparatus

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

wooooh scary;)

That was creepy! but wierd=P

good anyway i liked it, it was intresting and nice animation!

there is not much to say i think, I maybe wan't to know how you got the idea? ...or maybe I don't?;)

good work!

nuGuy Episode 6 nuGuy Episode 6

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it was ok

first i have to say that "Druidchamp" don't know a shit what he is tallking about!
this is not a madness ripoff?..
madness can be used by everyone?.. maybe they got some ideas from the madness story of krinkels.. but it's not a ripoff?..
the madness idea is not copyright.. i have seen loads of madness stuff, made by many different artists..

so to the movie.. bad for you, you talked german, and that's bad.. infact. it sucks!.. i hate when i have to read in a madness movie or something!
you characters are intresting.. but somehow i didn't enjoy this as i enjoy a REAL madness movie with the gray color! and loads of blood!
a movie like this gets better if it's more messy!

blood shall be spilt, everywhere!

Halo Armageddon Halo Armageddon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i have played worms armageddon and i know what this is about.. but for a flash movie, this thing went far too slow!!
you need much more speed and not just worms killing each other.. what you need is something new.. maybe make em in more 3D.. and with some more weapons and special effects..

also you sound.. sry but, yes it totaly sucked!
i dont know why this got a so good score.. 'cus it is a good score.. but i will vote a 3 on you.. sry can't give more, i didn't enjoyed it to 100%

Jack-Mace responds:

cant blame you for having this opinion.

Battle of the Cereal Battle of the Cereal

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


hehe this was very good=).. i liked it! it was funny and short and smart!

that white guy reminds me of snoopy in a few scenes!

Tails and his GBA 2 Tails and his GBA 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

it was good!

i'm a great fan of Zelda.. and Link and those guys..
i chosed the zelda game..

sadly i didn't enjoyed the movie so much i couldn't watch it again to see the metroid game.. i need VOICE ACTING!! for that and the text speed went a bit fast!

with long sentence it was hard to follow.. sry but otherwise it was a great movie:).. i liked the link style!=D

RupeeClock responds:

Oh come on, the text speed wasn't THAT fast! :P

And you didn't even bother to check the scene selection to see the Metroid scene? Damn you are slow and lazy, lemme tell ya, do I have to speak it out to ya with voice acting and take away the gameplay feel? :P